The Roadmap

The Roadmap has been developed over the course of more than 1,600 implementations to guide Slate users.  It follows the progression of the admission cycle to train fundamental Slate skills in the order in which users need them. Certain core skills, such as building forms, are used throughout the Roadmap to achieve functional goals.  Adhering to the Roadmap ensures that Slate Captains acquire critical Slate skills in a strategic and manageable order. 

To help get you started, we identified the most common elements necessary to launch each aspect of Slate and the estimated time to completion. The more straightforward your process, the faster you’ll go live.

Implementation Pace

Slate Captains determine which processes their institution will implement and often focus their efforts on one foundational topic at a time throughout each phase of the Roadmap. Some boxes require more time, and some require less.

Phase I

& Prompts
Forms Querying Email, SMS,
and More


Events Interviews Trips
& Travel
Automation Importing


Phase II

Materials Checklists Applications Reader Exporting Data Users & Permissions


Phase III

Decision Release



Launching Outreach
🔲 Design Event & Interview Templates
🔲 Build Individual Events & Interviews
🔲 Configure Event & Interview Landing Pages
🔲 Design Email Templates
🔲 Build Individual Events & Interviews
🔲 Create Request for Information Form (if applicable) 


Launching a Slate Application
🔲 Configure Application Pages, Forms, & Logic
🔲 Set Up Application Fee/Deposit Payment Account
🔲 Design Application Automation
🔲 Test Application & Complete Application Building Checklist (additional 3-4 weeks recommended)


Launching the CommonApp
🔲 Read & Review the Common Application Documentation
🔲 Map Relevant Fields & values in Upload Dataset
🔲 Refresh Test Environment and Set the Remap Active Flag to Active in TEST to Import Data. 
🔲 Test Application Import (additional one week recommended)


Launching Reader
🔲 Finalize Reader Bins
🔲 Finalize Reader Review Forms
🔲 Finalize Reader Tab Groups & Materials
🔲 Map Custom PDF Dashboard with PDF Editor (if applicable)


Exporting to SIS
🔲 Build Query for Slate to SIS Export in Query


Release Decisions
🔲 Finalize Decision Code & Reasons
🔲 Design Letter Templates


Testing (Ongoing) 
🔲 Continuously Test at Each Phase Before Going Live
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