Phase II: Slate Implementation & Roadmap


Slate Implementation Phases


The Slate Roadmap

The Slate roadmap is a strategic guide to the foundational components and milestones that accomplish an institution's Slate initiatives. While the roadmap represents the build sequence, cross-functional team involvement and timeline of your Slate tool launch, it is not one and the same as your task-level project plan. Consider the roadmap your aerial view of the completion path defined by your process evaluation.  Your project plan is derived from the roadmap and includes the detailed turn-by-turn instructions.

The Slate roadmap outlined below is a best practice recommendation, developed over the course of more than 1,600 implementations.  This implementation sequence follows the progression of the admission and enrollment cycle, and as you will likely notice, is mirrored in the Fundamentals coursework.  Adhering to the roadmap ensures Slate team members establish critical skills upon which they build and expand each subsequent Slate function.  

Each institution may take alternate routes along the implementation path, as determined by their own business needs.  Interpreting the roadmap means some functions may be completed in a different sequence, or some components not at all during year one. Keep in mind your Slate team and steering committee discussions and documented processes are a resource to inform your customization of the Slate roadmap.

As such, your adaptation of the roadmap reflects the prioritized efforts of your team based on the impact that each stage of Slate development achieves toward your overall goal. Use the roadmap as a collaboration and communication tool to ensure your project goals and expectations are set, managed and executed for everyone involved.  


Stage 1. Data Structure & Querying

  1. Record Management
  2. Data Entry Points
  3. Querying Data

Stage 2. Outreach & Communication

  1. Email, SMS, and More
  2. Event Management
  3. Interviews & Appointments
  4. Trips & Travel

Stage 3. Importing Data

  1. Prospect Data
  2. Application Data
  3. Consolidating Duplicate Records

Stage 4. Application Management

  1. Imported Applications
  2. Slate-Hosted Applications
  3. Workflows
  4. Decision Management

Stage 5. Final Configurations

  1. Integrations
  2. Users & Permissions


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