Getting Started with Staff Assignments

Staff assignment rules assign staff members to students based on specific criteria. You can set up these rules to automate assigning staff to students and ensure that the appropriate staff members are assigned to each student.

There are a variety of criteria that your institution can use to make staff assignments. These include geomarkets, school state, school country, transfer, athletics, and other factors relevant to your processes. It's important to generate a complete list of staff assignments before setting up any rules to ensure that all pertinent criteria are considered.

When setting up staff assignment rules, it's also essential to ensure that you have added all staff members as users in the system. This is because you will base the rules in the Rules Editor on the active user list, and any staff who still need to be added as users won't be included in the assignments. By ensuring that all staff members are added as users and that you have compiled a complete list of staff assignments, you can streamline assigning staff to students and ensure that the appropriate staff members are assigned to each student.

List Staff Assigned Rules

  Best Practice

Listing rules on index cards will provide a more complete picture of how to make staff assignments. This is also a great opportunity to rethink an old process and introduce some simplicity and strategy. For example:


Order Staff Assigned Rules

Once a complete set of assignment rules has been listed on index cards, put the cards in the appropriate order.

There are two important factors to understand when ordering:

  1. A student record can only match with one rule (e.g., one staff member per student record).
  2. Once a student record matches with a rule (a staff member), that record can no longer match with any other rules.

Therefore, it is critically important that the rules are ranked in order of priority. Determine which rules should take precedence over other rules.

In the example below, if transfer students are assigned to a staff member regardless of the school they attend, the Transfer Students should be first in the order.

If specific schools should always take precedent, even if a record is a transfer student, then specific CEEB codes should be first in the order.

Once index cards are properly ordered, define which staff members are affected by each card:

Order Index Card
#1 Specific CEEB Code
#2 Home School
#3 Transfer Students
#4 School Country
#5 Student Home Country
#6 School Geomarket
#7 School State
#8 Student Home State

Assign Priorities to Staff Assigned Rules

Once cards are ordered, define which staff members are impacted, the rule definition, and assign a priority number for each item.

For example:


Create a Staff Assigned Field

The Staff Assigned field is included in Slate when an instance is provisioned.

If your instance does not have the Staff Assigned field already included, the Staff Assigned field will need to be created.

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Fields.
  2. Click Insert.
  3. Enter the following Field configurations in the popup window:
    • Status- Set the status to Active.
    • Scope - Set the scope to Person.
    • ID -The ID must be "user".
    • Name - Give the field a name. This name will be visible administratively only. It is acceptable to change the name, even if data already exists for the field.
    • Prompt - Important: The prompt should be user.
    • Value - Important: Value should be Store Value. The user prompt list is special and relies on a value instead of the prompt.
    • Multiple -Set this to Single Value.
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