Auto PDF

Slate allows automatic generation of PDFs for items that are submitted within Slate (e.g., a Slate-hosted application or a form registration). For example, choose the auto PDF option when configuring the application to display a PDF that looks like this:


Three reasons to use auto PDFs:

  1. When updating an application or form (e.g., a reader review form), the auto PDF updates automatically, eliminating the need to update field mappings within a custom PDF file.
  2. Auto PDFs are elastic and will automatically collapse or expand based on the length of the data to be displayed.

    Auto PDFs are able to accommodate responses of any length without leaving gaps or truncating data. Custom PDFs contain merge fields that are a pre-configured and static size. Shorter than average responses will have gaps between data points, while longer than average responses may be truncated.
  3. Using the auto PDF functionality ensures that Slate development work continues to move forward. Auto PDFs are a quick and reliable way to ensure that desired data displays for readers.

Creating custom PDFs with precisely tailored field mappings takes time and additional Slate skills. Use auto PDFs for now, and if necessary, make custom PDFs at a later date.

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