The Common Application

Before getting started, it is important to understand how data from CommonApp is automatically delivered to a Slate instance.

Technolutions automatically checks the delivery site to find any files that have arrived for an institution. Those files will automatically be loaded into the Upload Dataset module in Slate. The Common Application sends up to eleven distinct data files and PDF files to Technolutions on a daily basis through an Scheduled Delivery Service (SDS) feed. These files are organized into sub-directories that determine which files belong to which institution.

Before CommonApp data can appear in individual student records, three steps need to be taken for each distinct file type:

  1. Check the field destinations and value mappings that Technolutions has pre-mapped.
  2. Map CommonApp data to the Slate fields, including the member questions (such as Round mappings).
  3. Map any CommonApp values to destination values in Slate for prompt-based fields.

  What about mappings from last year?

If the CommonApp file was mapped last year, those mappings will remain. However, it is necessary to review mappings and make updates for items that change from year to year (such as headers for member questions).

Source Formats

The Common Application process includes the following source formats:

Source Format Description

Import tab-delimited application data files from the Common Application

CommonAppCourses Import XML course data from the Common Application
CommonAppMaterials Import PDF materials from the Common Application
CommonAppPayment Import tab-delimited payment data files from the Common Application

Import tab-delimited prospect data files from the Common Application


Import tab-delimited recommendation data files from the Common Application

CommonAppSuspects Import tab-delimited suspect data files from the Common Application
CommonAppWriting Import tab-delimited writing supplement data files from the Common Application
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