Transfer Objects

Transfer Objects provides granular control over which specific person-related data elements can be moved from one record to another. This tool is "Unsafe," meaning that field settings do not need to be updated to "Unsafe" to transfer the selected data.

Transferring Objects

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Transfer Objects.
  2. Enter the name or Ref ID of the record you wish to transfer an object from in the Source Record field.

    The different object counts for each record appear on an overview page.

  3. To transfer a data object, select one of the object types (such as Test Scores) from the menu on the right-side pane.
  4. Select the specific object to transfer from the Source Record and a dialog box appears.

    Details of the data object you plan to move to the destination record before you actually move it can be viewed within this dialog.

  5. Once you verify that this data object should be moved to the destination record, select Move to Destination Record and then select OK to confirm.

    The object is copied to the destination record and deleted from the source record.

  6. The object appears on the destination record on the Transfer Objects page.


A link to Transfer Objects is also available from within Consolidate Records. When comparing two records, please note the Advanced link in the bottom right hand corner, which opens this tool and allows for greater control of transferring specific objects between two records before actually merging the records in question. If an object is moved to a destination record in error, and the object needs to be returned to the original source record, return to Consolidate Records and switch the Master record with the Alias record. Then when selecting Advanced, the Source record and the Destination record will also be switched.

Pay close attention to the different order of the display of records in question: Master/Alias vs. Source/Destination (in Transfer Objects).

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