Automate Task Creation and Assignment

Like many elements of Slate, the creating and assignment of tasks can be automated using the Rules Editor. The following section provides an overview of how to configure project and task rules, though specific use cases will vary.

Configure a Rule
  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Rules Editor.
  2. Click New Rule.
  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:
    • Name - Create a name for the Task rule.
    • Base - Select the population on whose records to link the task.
    • Type - Select 'Project Task.'
    • Trigger - Select the method.
    • Folder - Place the rule in a folder.
    • Exclusivity Group - Should only one task rule apply out of a series of project task rules, assign the rule to an exclusivity group.
    • Non-deterministic - If in an exclusivity group, select a priority.
    • Status - Select 'Preview.'
  4. Configure the appropriate filters to limit the population that should be assigned to the project.
  5. Enter the following configurations in the Action section of the rule:
    • Project - Select the project for which this task should be associated.
    • Status - Select a status for the task that is being assigned.
    • Summary - Enter the primary intent of the task; this 'subject' of the task will be displayed to the administrative user, for example, when clicking the tasks icon.
    • User - The administrative user can be assigned with either a static value or dynamically, through a field on the person record.
      • Static Assignee - Select the user who should be assigned to the task.
      • Add Assignee from Fields - Select the field that will be used to assign the task (the field must be set to use the 'user' prompt).
    • Role - Select a role if this task should be limited to a custom role permission.
    • Deadline Type - Task deadlines can be set either statically or dynamically.
    • Deadline x Days After Task Creation Date - Select a deadline a certain number of days after the task was assigned.
    • Deadline - Insert a static deadline date.
  6. Activate your rule when ready.
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