Fields that store free-text values

Custom fields will have different configurations based on the type of data stored. This section will focus on four types of custom fields:

  • Fields that store free-text values
  • Fields that store a single value from a prompt list
  • Fields that store multiple values from a prompt list
  • Fields that store a yes/no value

Before configuring custom fields in Slate, carefully consider the data being captured and how it will be leveraged in Slate.

Create Free-Text Value Fields

Fields that store free-text values are generally used to collect non-standard data. If a prompt list would not effectively capture data for a particular field, then a free-text field is appropriate. Examples of this often include Explanation, Description, or Other Item fields. To create a field that stores free-text values:

1. Click the Database icon in the main navigation and select Fields.

2. Click New Field. The New Field popup appears. Configure at least the following:

  • Status
  • Scope Category
  • Scope - Set the appropriate scope.
  • ID
  • Name
  • Field Type

Click here for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.


The following settings should never be changed after a field is in use:

  • Scope
  • ID
  • Prompt
  • Value

Changes to any of these may result in inconsistent and inaccurate data. 

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