Adding Preset Filters to the Reader

If you find yourself setting the same filters in the Reader, consider creating Presets. Presets also allow you customize the data columns that appear:


The procedures described in this article refer to bins created using the legacy Workflow process. Refer to this article only for general concepts; follow the procedures described in the Workflows (New) article when creating and filtering new workflows.

Create Preset Filters
  1. Click Queries / Reports in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Query
  3. Enter the following Query configurations in the popup window:
    • Name - Give the query a descriptive name so it will be easy to know what it does.
    • User - Select a user. This setting will default to the current user.
    • Sharing - Check the Sharing check box.
    • Folder - The Query MUST be saved in a folder labeled 'Reader'.
    • Population - Select the Applications population.
  4. Add the exports and filters that should display. 

When your readers select a bin to view applications, the bin filter will automatically be added.

Once created, navigate to the reader. The newly created presets will appear in the Reader above the regular filter options. Selecting the preset filter in the Reader will also apply the custom filters.

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