Document Scanner Recommendations

Slate supports all document scanners with TWAIN drivers, which typically includes all commercially available document scanners. While we do not endorse any specific makes or models, we are routinely asked to provide recommendations about scanners appropriate for certain types of workloads.

When documents are scanned into Slate, we record the scanner make and model and associate that information with each document. This enables us to provide the list of scanners most commonly used by the Slate community. Scanners are sorted by their popularity rank as observed during January 2019:

Printer Scan Speed Auto Document Feeder Approx. Price
FUJITSU fi-7160 60 pages/minute, 120 images/minute 80 pages Approximately $875 on Amazon.

HP Scanjet Flow 7000

45 pages/minute, 90 images/minute

50 pages

Approximately $850 on Amazon.

Canon DR-6010C

60 pages/minute, 120 images/minute

100 pages

Approximately $2,200 on Amazon.


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