Batch Create Fields - Field Import Source Format

The Field Import source format, available in the Source Format Library, will create new fields, but it will not update existing fields.  The Field Import source format has been made available for limited use cases, including institutions that have multiple instances of Slate that would like to copy fields created in one Slate instance to other Slate instances.

  Best Practice

Add fields individually using the Fields Database Tool to be sure that all settings for fields are compatible.

Note: The Field Configuration Review tool in the Standard Query Library can be used to manually review imported fields.

There is an Excel spreadsheet with the accepted column headers attached.  Please see the following table for column descriptions and value instructions:

Column Description Data Type Option Values
id Field ID String (max: 32 characters)  
multiple Store multiple values Bit 1 = Multiple Values
0 = Single Value
prompt Prompt Key String (max: 32 characters)  
value Store value or prompt ID  Bit  0 = Store Prompt ID
1 = Store Value (bit/language/state/country/user prompts and text fields only)
name Field Name String  
order Display Order Integer   
dataset  Dataset ID (for field scoped to a dataset) 

To locate the ID of a dataset: Click Database > Datasets > Select the appropriate dataset and copy the ID

type  Data Type  String (case-sensitive) blank (null) = Text/Unspecified
email = Email Address
tel = Telephone
datetime = Date/Time
real = Real
int = Int
C = Checkboxes
M = Multiline
X = Related Dataset Row
K = Dataset Row Key
N = Dataset Row Name
A = Dataset Row Address
L = Dataset Row Location
I = Dataset Row Interactions
Q = Dataset Row Query
length  Size Integer   
active  Active Status Bit  1 = Active
0 = Inactive 
rel_dataset  Related Dataset ID  Uniqueidentifier   
mask  Format Mask  String (max: 16 characters)  
suggest  Autosuggest  String (max: 32 characters)  
tab  Custom Tab  String (max:  32 characters)  
right_read Read Permission (ID of permission) Uniqueidentifier  
right_write Write Permission (ID of permission) Uniqueidentifier  
scope Scope String (case-sensitive) - The scope setting is case-sensitive - 'Application' must be listed in the spreadsheet as 'application.' blank (null) = person
group Group on tab String (max: 32 characters)  
unsafe Unsafe Bit 1 = Unsafe
0 = Safe
appendable Appendable Bit 1 = Append to existing values upon form submission or dataset import
0 = Replace existing values upon form submission or dataset import
unique Unique for Merging Bit 1 = Value contains a unique ID which identifies a single record for merging
0 = Do not use value for merging
ordered Ordered values Bit 1 = Ordered values
0 = Unordered values
category  Category  String (max: 32 characters)   

Once the import has completed, the Status will update to Completed. This source format is special and does not update person or dataset records. Therefore, the Rows Imported value will display 0. Rest assured that if the import's status is Completed, the data was updated, so be sure to check the Fields to confirm the changes. 

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