Pinned Filters in Reports

Similar to a query, filters can be pinned and accessible at the top of the report at the time of rendering. Therefore, once the pinned filters are set, users can select filter criteria without needing to edit the report.  

To configure pinned filters:

  1. Click Queries / Reports in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Reports in the right navigation pane. 
  3. Open an existing report or click New Report.

    a. If you choose to open an existing report:

    i. Click Edit to Edit the report details

    ii. Double-click a Part to edit the part's detail. 

    b. If you choose to build a new report:

    i. Follow the instructions in the Creating, Editing, and Rendering Reports article.

    ii. When you reach the section "Add a New Part", return to this article.

  4. Click Edit to access the Filters of this Part.
  5. Add the desired Filters for this Part.
  6. Double-click on any Filter to open its properties. A new option of "pinned" will be available. Choose 'pinned' if you choose to have any particular Filter pinned for this Part.
  7. Save.
  8. Use the breadcrumb navigation at the top to return to the edit report page.
  9. The pinned filter is viewed in blue font and labeled as 'PINNED' at the top. This is editable without having to go into the edit part settings. If the report has multiple parts, each with its own pinned filters, all pinned filters will be accessible towards the top of the report.


Each time the pinned filter is updated, then saved, the report will automatically render with the updated results.

  Best Practice

Pin filters that are frequently used. Not all filters have to or should be pinned.

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