Web Service Support using Client Libraries that do not Support SNI

Connections to HTTPS endpoints within Slate, including those utilized for web services, require support for Server Name Indication (SNI). SNI has had widespread support for a long time—Internet Explorer introduced support in 2006—and is supported by all modern browsers and client libraries. Some organizations may be using severely-outdated SSL/HTTPS libraries, however, that do not provide support for SNI. This often appears as error messages indicating a mismatch in the certificate name (a name like cluster.technolutions.net is returned instead of the organization's domain). If an organization is unable to upgrade their client library to a version that supports SNI, there is an available workaround.

For a web service endpoint such as the following:


Change the URL that you call to the following:


When making this URL substitution, please note the following:

  • apply.university.edu should be substituted for your organization's Slate domain.
  • cluster.technolutions.net should be substituted for your organization's region-specific cluster:
    • United States: cluster.technolutions.net
    • Canada: cluster.ca-central-1.technolutions.net
    • European Union: cluster.eu-west-1.technolutions.net
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