Linked Relationships

Slate allows for one-to-many relationships in which a person may have more than one test score, school, relationship, etc. associated with their record. Additionally, there is the ability to link a relationship record to their own person record. By default, these relationships are not linked, but a relationship record can be linked to its own person record administratively by taking the following steps:

Linking a Relationship

  1. Navigate to a relationship record that exists as its own person record.
  2. Click on the Profile tab of the relationship record, and navigate to the Edit Relationship screen from the right-hand side bar.
  3. In the Relationship Record setting, select "Relation exists as a record".
  4. Search for the relationship's person record and select it in the Lookup Record setting.

When records are linked, it means that the relationship also has a person record in Slate. A good example of this may be if siblings each have records in Slate. Each sibling may have a person record, but may also exist as a relationship to the other sibling. In this case, they would have independent person records and relationships records in Slate.

Relationship Settings:

  • Relationship Record: Select whether the relation being entered already has a record within Slate.
  • Lookup Record: If the relation exists as a person record in Slate, use Lookup Record to link the record.
  • Type: Select the appropriate relationship type prompt. Custom relationship types may be created or modified. For additional information, see Customizing Standard Fields & Prompts.
  • Inverse Relation Type: Select the relationship type from the perspective of the relation record.


  What if we want to create a new person record from a relationship record and link them?

Once a relationship has been established, a new option appears for the Relationship Record field under a relationship's Profile > Edit Relationship tab.

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