Configurable Joins Preview Timeline

We have begun the preview phase of configurable joins for all production and test databases. These new query bases and capabilities are available to users with the "Query (Configurable Joins Library)" permission. During this preview phase, queries built on joinable bases are not intended for production use, and we have restricted the use of joinable bases in Deliver mailings.

We will update this article throughout the preview phase. If you subscribe to this article, you will be notified about any updates along the way.

Past / Current Events
Date  Event
June 28, 2018 Available in Clean Slate databases provisioned from Slate Showcase
October 9, 2018 Query bases and capabilities live in all production and test environments for users with "Query (Configurable Joins Library)", along with a preliminary set of joins, exports, and filters.
January 24, 2019 Direct filters and exports include custom fields, and extended filters display automatically for available joins to expedite provisioning. Deletion of joins prevented when dependent filters or exports have been added. Join on multiple in subqueries. Query bases for custom sources including datasets and entities.
June 25, 2019 Subquery filters allow records to be returned based on the one-to-many relationships in Slate (e.g. identify existence of a value on a different table or perform aggregate functions on related records). Dynamic generation of exports and filters for all custom fields in all scopes. Support for nested subqueries in exports and filters. Subquery exports include existence and formula output types. Additional bases, joins, exports, and filters. Configurable Joins available in express queries.
Future Events


  • Refinement of standard bases, joins, exports, and filters
  • Additional standard bases, joins, exports, and filters
  • User interface refinements

Next Phase 1 (Preview)

  • Query bases for forms and events
  • Associated exports and filters
  • Joins to related records (surveys, notes forms, etc.)

Next Phase 2 (Preview)

  • Identity joins from existing query bases to joinable bases to enable access to new exports and filters within existing queries

Next Phase 3 (Production)

  • Query bases and joins will allow for re-permissioning to enable general availability whenever and to whomever an institution deems to be appropriate
  • Production support for configurable joins
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