Personal Information Page (Legacy)

The Personal Information page is one of the standard pages available out of the box within the Slate-hosted application. This page is used to collect all personal background information about the applicant, including name, address, citizenship, and other biographical data.

   Looking to customize this page?

This standard page can be replicated and replaced using a custom application-page scoped form.

Standard Edits

On this page, Slate users have the ability to show or hide specific fields as well as to customize certain field labels. This can be accomplished via the Application Editor tool.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Application Editor.
  2. Select the application configuration in which the personal information page will be edited (for example, /apply/ or /apply/GR/).

    If there are multiple application bases in an instance, the personal information page can be edited independently within each configuration. Different fields can be displayed or hidden, or given different labels, from one configuration to the next.

  3. Select the data row labeled "per" to access the configurations for the personal information page.
  4. Select General Settings.
  5. Make any desired edits to the available configurations.


While the ability to hide fields on the personal information page exists, any field that is hidden SHOULD NOT be re-created elsewhere within the application. Any field that is not visible on the personal information page when it is submitted will receive a null value, which will overwrite any value existing on the record.

Custom Edits

Due to the hard coding of standard pages in the Slate-hosted application, adding a question such as, “Would you like to receive text messages?” to the Contact Information section of the personal information page would require:

  1. Removing the standard Personal Background page from the application
  2. Recreating the page as a custom application-page scoped form
  3. Creating the necessary custom fields you wish to add to the form

 Fields and prompts with special configurations!

Certain fields automatically appear on the personal information page when a specific Field ID or Prompt key is created within the Fields or Prompts tools in Slate. For more information on what these special Fields/Prompts are, refer to the article: Customizing Standard Fields & Prompts.

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