Watch Flag Interaction

A Watch Flag is a custom interaction that displays a yellow bar across the top of a person record, indicating an important message about the person.
Examples could include: VIP, a child of a faculty member, a local celebrity, or other high-level data that should be the first thing users know about the person. When added to a record, the watch flag persists above all tabs. Watch flags can also be added to dataset records.


Creating the Watch Flag Interaction

  1. Select Database in the top navigation bar and select Activity & Interaction Codes.
  2. Select Insert.
  3. Enter the following interaction configurations in the dialog box:
    • Status: Set the status to Active.
    • Folder: Keep your codes organized by putting them in a folder. Select Other to create a new folder.
    • Type: Select the type of interaction.
    • Code: Use the code "FLAG."
    • Parent Code: Leave this setting blank.
    • Label: The label is the display name of the interaction.

Adding Custom Interactions to Records

  1. Select Lookup in the top navigation bar.
  2. Search for and select a record.
  3. Select the Timeline tab of the Person Record.
  4. Select Interactions > New Interaction and enter the following interaction configurations in the dialog box:
    • User: This defaults to the user name.
    • Code: Select Watch Flag.
    • Timestamp: This defaults to the current time, but the value may be overridden.
    • Subject: The Subject will be visible on the Person Record. If the interaction code is sufficient, leave this blank.
    • Private Comments: Private Comments are only visible administratively.
    • Public Comments: Leave this setting cleared. If selected, the comment here will be made public.

Multiple Watch Flags

There is no limit to the amount of watch flags that are created on a record. Each watch flag will use the same "Code", and a unique "Subject".

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