TouchNet Ready/TLink

Slate is a TouchNet Ready Partner, which means that we support connecting to TouchNet using their TLink service (this is similar to connecting to a UPay site, but there's a web service component as well).

At present, TouchNet prefers to kick off a project for each TouchNet Ready implementation, with one or more phone meetings and a project document called a Data Gathering Guide. It is not necessary for us to join those meetings -- the completed Data Gathering Guide contains all of the URLs and IDs that we need.


The Touchnet Ready program is the only integration method that Touchnet supports at this time.

To integrate with TouchNet Ready /TLink:

  • Please provide the following information (via a Service Request):
    • The completed Data Gathering Guide
    • If there are multiple uPay sites, we need to know how to determine which site ID to send (e.g. use a particular site ID based on the selected round or program or payment account prompt value).
    • If you need us to pass custom information to TouchNet, please indicate this in your initial request and outline which field(s) in TouchNet (e.g. EXT_TRANS_ID, PAYER_ID etc.)
      • Custom information is usually required when you are collecting 'Deposit' payments and TouchNet itself is integrating with your SIS (e.g. General Ledger updates).
      • Please make sure to point this out to us in your request and give us additional context.
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