Slate Payments - Operational FAQ

Slate Payments is a built-in payment processor that can be used instead of integrating Slate with an external processor. 

This article provides information and instructions on the operation of Slate Payments, and is intended primarily for Slate Captains who may be managing the process inside Slate. We have an additional financial FAQ intended more for the business office.

How do I get started? Do I need to put in a service request to start using Slate Payments?

While we are happy to answer any questions in a service request, or to join a focused call, the actual setup of Slate Payments is entirely in your hands. Slate Payments, done directly in Slate, is a form is submitted to create the deposit accounts where the funds end up, and then those accounts are mapped to payment pages within the Application Editor. No technical knowledge is necessary.

Can I integrate Slate Payments with my preferred provider (such as Touchnet, CashNet, or Cybersource)?

No. "Slate Payments" refers specifically to our built-in payment gateway, which uses a processor called You can integrate external processors with Slate, but then you wouldn't be using Slate Payments. For general information about collecting payments through Slate, including discussion of external processor integrations see our overview article.

Can I use Slate Payments in addition to another payment processor?

Sure! Slate provides the ability to configure any particular payment gateway so that it only applies to particular payment types, or particular rounds or periods, or both. For example, you could use Slate Payments to collect an application fee, but use another payment provider to collect an enrollment deposit.

Can I process payments in my Test environment?

In your test environment, only test-mode payments are allowed. The payment history is stored in the Slate test environment, and any data there is temporary. Therefore, real-money tests can only be done in your production environment.

What payment methods does Slate Payments support?

Slate Payments currently supports payments made with a credit card (in the United States the card types are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club) or a prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift card. Users in the United States can also use checking account payments through ACH transfers.

When configuring the mapping from a payment account prompt to a Slate Payments Deposit Account, (Step 3 in the Slate Payments instructions) you can select whether to allow credit card payments, checking account payments, or both. We do not currently have the ability to restrict the permitted credit card types (but note that the fee for all card types is the same).

Checking account payments take approximately 5-7 business days (that is, weekends and holidays excluded) to complete or "clear." During this time, you will see a listing for the payment with a status of "pending," and the listing changes to "received" when the payment completes.

Please note that we do not recommend using the checking account payment feature to process paper checks internally. If you use the account information from a check to make a checking account payment, it will be a separate payment from that account in that amount, and the paper check itself will still be valid, risking a double payment.

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