Gifts on a Form

Utilizing Slate Payments allows for the collection of gift and payment details on a Slate form. Similar to other forms within Slate, this form must include person information that can match onto records that already exist in your database, as well as create new records where one does not exist. This overview walks through the steps to required to collect gifts and pledges on external forms as well as configuring the payment widget using a simple calculation.

Giving via Form

While it is important to understand the way that Slate captures/displays data, in almost every case the data will be collected via a form. The purpose of a giving form is vastly different than that of an inquiry form; however, the process for creating both forms is the same. 


To ensure that a giving form is collecting enough information to create a new/match to an existing record in Slate, the following fields should be included on a person-scoped form:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthdate
  • Email Address
  • Gift Type
  • Gift Status
  • Gift Fund
  • Gift Amount


System Field Field Scope Mapping
Soft Credits Giving - Gift Apply - Apply Relationship to Soft Credits
Gift Type Giving - Gift Gift - Type
Gift Status Giving - Gift Gift - Status
Gift Fund Giving - Gift Gift - Fund
Gift Amount Giving - Gift Gift - Amount
Gift Payment Payment Widget n/a
Payment Widget

In order to use a giving form that allows individuals to input and pay for gifts within the same form, Slate Payments must be configured as Slate Payments is required for advancement clients.  When adding in a payment, simply drag in and drop the payment widget onto the form. Populate the payment amount formula by entering the export value of the gift amount field to the payment amount formula.


This widget allows an individual to make a payment. This payment widget is using Slate Payments to either debit a checking account or credit or debit card.


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