Donor and Alumni Portals

Portals are a framework that is available within Slate to build custom sites. Since these sites are hosted within each institution's database, they can interact with all of the data housed within Slate and can allow for Slate authentication.

For example, portals can be built for the following advancement functions:

  • Giving Day
  • Alumni Directory
  • Donor Gift History and Management 
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Personal Giving Pages

Additionally, reports can be embedded within portals - allowing for up to the minute statistics to be displayed and parameters to be passed through (allowing authenticated users to view information as it pertains to them).

While many portal elements can be utilized in a self-service way, institutions might find it helpful to involve colleagues who know, or are willing to learn, basic SQL, HTML, CSS, and Liquid Markup to completely customize custom portals.

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