Automated Communications

Forms and Events

Transactional messages associated with a form or event can be automatically triggered on a number of criteria, including:

  • Upon Registration or Update
  • Upon Registration
  • Upon Registration (including related event registration)
  • Upon Waitlist Registration
  • Upon Waitlist Registration (including related event registration)
  • Upon Move from Waitlist to Registered
  • Upon Update
  • Upon Cancellation
  • Hours Before Deadline
  • Hours Before Event
  • Hours After Event
  • Upon Decline

These types of communications can be utilized in templates, enabling a single dynamic message to apply to multiple individual forms or events.

Recurring and Drip Communications

Deliver messages can be set up as an ongoing mailing. These mailings enable a message to be automatically sent whenever a new record meets the defined criteria. For example, a single "Happy Birthday" email can be configured to go out daily to everyone born on the current date.

In addition to any recurring mailings, automated drip marketing campaigns can be built directly in Slate. Leveraging populations, communication flows can be defined and sent dynamically based on records in a particular population.

For example, a first-time donor might be placed in a "First Time Donor" population. After seven days of being in this population, the donor will receive an email describing how their gift is used. Then on day 45 of being in that population, the donor will receive another stewardship email that describes the impact their gift has had on campus.

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