The Database Page

The Database page is where Slate administrators can create, manage, and maintain many features and business processes within Slate. The Database page is accessed frequently as admissions business processes are build out in Slate.

To access the Database page, select Database on the top navigation bar.

  • Search: Use Search to quickly find a Slate tool.
  • Pinned Features: Pin regularly used tools for easy access.
  • Tool Categories: Tools are organized thematically based on Slate functions.
  • Tools: Select a tool or feature link to access that resource.

  Best Practice

The Slate Roadmap was ordered strategically to ensure success while implementing Slate. There are a number of resources available on the Database page. Each box of the Slate Roadmap introduces specific Database resources. The best way to learn about a resource is to follow the accompanying documentation and create items necessary for business processes within a Slate tool. Learning about the Database page in the order presented on the Slate Roadmap also ensures that foundational understanding is achieved before accessing some of its very powerful tools.

How to Pin Items

To pin a tool:

  1. Hover over Database on the top navigation bar to display a menu that lists recently accessed resources.
  2. Click the Pin icon to add a tool to the Pinned section of the Database page.

Pinned resources display in the Pinned Features section of the Database page.

Hover over a Pinned item and click the Pinned icon to remove a tool from the Pinned section of the Database page

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