Creating and Editing a Message

Click Edit Message to construct a message: 

  • ReplyTo (opt.) - Add an optional Reply To email address. If recipients are expected to respond to an email address other than the sender, add an email address here.
  • Sender - Sender will default to the institutional email address, but this may be overridden.
  • Recipient - The Recipient field must contain an email address. Typically the merge field {{email}} will be added to this field, but any email address will work.
  • CC - A CC email address may be added. Warning: a copy of every message will be sent to this address when the mailing is activated.
  • Subject - Add a Subject line.
  • Merge Fields - Merge fields will populate based on the exports included in the query. Add a merge field to the message by placing cursor in desired box and clicking on the export name. Note: It is important that all exports are the same when adding more than one recipient list. For example, if one list includes {{preferred}} as an export or column and another list does not, that merge field will be blank for recipients from the second list.
  • Version - May be used for A/B variant testing.
  • Edit attachments -  Attachments may be included with message.
  • Click Save to save message.

  Best Practices

While it is possible to include relationship records (e.g. parents, family members, spouses) as CC'ed recipients, it is best practice to message these records separately.

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