Deliver Overview

Deliver is our all-in-one solution for email, SMS, print, and voice communications. Deliver allows you to create and send drip marketing campaigns, manage communications, and track the overall success of your efforts.

  • When are mailings sent? Any communication can be sent as a one-off, automated to send for a span of time, or even indefinitely. For example: send a one-time email to all students who live in Alaska interested in biology. An ongoing example would be automating communications to send to any new record with an address in Alaska and an interest in biology - send an email from the Alaska representative at your institution.
  • Aesthetic consistency across multiple mailings  - A template can include aesthetics shared across most communications using the same method. For instance, you can add consistent institutional branding, including headers, footers, tables, and more. Circumvent the need to recreate branding for every communication by saving this branding as a Deliver Template. After editing and saving a message in this folder, the message will be available as a template option for all Deliver campaigns and email communications for forms and events. A template does not include a recipient list, the mailing that will use the template will consist of a recipient list.
  • System Generated Communications - Also known as System Emails, these are automatic “transactional” emails sent when certain application activities occur. For example: when an application is submitted, send an automated communication confirming this action.
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