Deliver Overview

Use the Deliver tool to create and manage email outreach campaigns to prospective students, applicants, and other groups within Slate (e.g., counselors).

There are two basic types of Deliver campaigns to consider when sending a mailing:

  • One-Time - Isolate records using a query and send an email to that population or upload a spreadsheet (with email addresses) and send an email to that population.
    • For example: send a one-time email to all students who live in Alaska with an interest in biology.
  • Ongoing - Send an automatic email any time a new record meets the defined criteria.
    • For example: when a new record enters the system with an address in Alaska and an interest in biology, send an email from the Alaska representative.

There are two other important features that are accessed through Deliver:

  • Template - Deliver campaigns saved in the Template folder do not use a recipient list. After editing and saving a message in this folder, the message will be available as a template option for all Deliver campaigns as well as email communications for forms and events.
    • For example: schools often want to add institutional branding (e.g. headers, footers,) to outgoing emails. Circumvent the need to recreate branding for each and every campaign by saving this branding as a Deliver Template.
  • System Emails - Automatic “transactional” emails that are sent when certain application activities occur.
    • For example: when an applicant submits an application, send an automatic email confirming this action.

How to Start a Mailing 

To start a new mailing:

  1. Click Deliver in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Mailing.
  3. Enter the following User configurations:
    • Name- Give the new mailing a descriptive name so that it can be found quickly.
    • Folder - Formulate a folder strategy for Deliver campaigns early on. Make a new folder by selecting Other and then naming the folder. This folder will then be available for selection from this menu.
    • Method - Select the method of communication.
    • Opt Out - Picking the option of Allow Unsubscribe will automatically exclude records that have the Opt Out tag set. This will also allow recipients to opt out. If all records that meet criteria are to be included regardless of opt out status, select No Unsubscribe.
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