Fundraising Campaigns

Slate provides a Campaigns tool to create and manage various campaigns (such as annual, capital, or endowment) for associating gifts.


Configure a Campaign

  1. Select Database on the Slate navigation bar and select Campaign.
  2. Select Insert. A popup appears (pictured).
  3. Enter the following configurations:
    • Name: Provide a name for the campaign. This name will appear in the list of available campaigns when managing a gift.
    • Folder: Select a folder to store the campaign, or select Other and enter a new campaign name to create a new folder (this is optional but strongly encouraged to simplify later management).
    • Start Date: Enter the date for when the campaign begins.
    • End Date: Enter the date for when the campaign ends.
    • Goal: Provide the dollar-amount goal desired for the campaign.
  4. Click Save.

Once a gift is associated with a campaign, that gift will then appear on the Campaigns summary page.

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