Create Slate Scholar Custom Content

Your staff can create Slate Scholar materials and upload them into Slate. Use this to help inform your staff of specific data points or processes unique to your office. In the following example, we will insert a sample file that can be found when using the Fields admin tool.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Fields.
  2. Click the Slate Scholar Lightbulb  in the top left corner to see the current content associated with this admin tool.


  3. With Slate Scholar open, at the bottom of the page, copy the Help Tag.

    Each tool in Slate will have a unique Help Tag. In this example the Help Tag is: /manage/query

    The /manage/database Help Tag can also be used, however using this will link your custom article to the Database tool (the cog wheel) and not specifically to the Fields admin tool.

    At this time, custom content cannot be associated with a folder-specific tag such as "/manage/query/-folder-Daily Visit Queries"

  • After copying the Help Tag, go back to Database > Slate Scholar Custom Content.
  • Select Insert.
  • Enter the following configurations in the dialog box:
    • Status: Active
    • Help Tag: Paste the tag that was copied in Step 3.
    • Title: Give the article a name
    • Body: This is where the article contents will be generated
  • Select Save.
  • With the article now created, go back to the Field admin tool and click the lightbulb again. Your custom content appears!


Video will only display in Slate Scholar Classroom and not in Slate Scholar Custom Content.

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