Customize the Columns on the Registration Page

Custom registration columns can be used to replace default registration columns in forms, events, and slots. Any customization to the columns within a form/event registration page will result in the default columns being entirely replaced. When utilized for events and slots, these custom registration columns carry over into the 'Launch Check In' screen.

To customize the registration columns:

  1. Click Forms , Events , or Scheduler in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the form/event/interview.
  3. Click Edit Form.
  4. Click Edit Properties.
  5. Under Custom List Fields, click Export to add one or more custom registration columns. Double click on the export for further refinement (e.g., controlling the format mask for dates).
  6. Click Save

The size of a custom column can be customized by entering the number of pixels or the width percentage desired within the Display Width section. For example:

Setting the column sizes using pixels


Setting the sizes using percentages



If a custom field connected to the user prompts should display the user name in the column, rather than the user ID, the SQL snippet below can be used to adjust the format of the export.

(select [name] from [user] where [user] = @val)

To use this format mask, simply select 'Custom SQL' for the format type of the export and save this code in the 'Format Mask' setting. 

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