Default Information / Required Fields

First name, last name, birthdate, and email address fields must be required on an inquiry form so that Slate can use this information to match onto an existing student record or to create a new student record.

Do not change the required status or the presence of these fields. However, the field labels may be customized. (e.g. the label for the required fields may include an asterisk.)

Match It!

Remember that Slate will use the following combinations to match to existing student records:

First Name + Last Name + Email
First Name + Last Name + Birthdate

If the form data does not match with an existing record, a new student record will be created. At minimum, Slate needs the following data points to create a new record:

First Name + Last Name

Fundamental information fields should always be marked as 'required' and configured to save to standard Slate fields.

Default Field configurations - Leave all settings in place:

  • Status - Leave the status to Active.
  • Type - Leave the type set to Text Box.
  • Label - Customize the label (e.g. add an asterisk).
  • Options - Do not remove the required check mark. This will prevent form submission if the prospective student did not enter a value for this field.
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