Overriding System Prompts

When mapping to a System Field that utilizes a prompt list, the system prompt options automatically populate the Prompts box with each of the active prompt options. The 'Connect to system prompts' checkbox is automatically checked. For example:


Connect to system prompts - If system prompts are updated in the Prompts section of Database, the prompt options on the form will automatically be updated if the 'Connect to system prompts' checkbox is checked.

Overriding System Prompts

The Form Builder allows for modification of the prompt options that appear on the form while still being mapped to system prompts. There are two reasons to override the prompt options that appear for a mapped form field.

Click the Override system prompts box to manage prompts:


  • Prompt Value - The value before the caret (^) will appear on the form.
  • Caret (^) - The value after the caret (^) is used to translate the updated value so that it can remain mapped to a system field. This translation is usually the 36 character globally unique identifier (GUID) for the system prompt, but some special prompt keys use the index value instead.
To Restrict Values

For example, an entry term system prompt that is active (e.g. Summer 2017), should not be an option on the inquiry form (e.g. Fall 2017 should be the earliest option on the inquiry form).

To remove an entire prompt option, simply delete the line from the list:



Never change the translation value that appears after the caret.

Never add prompt options to a form field that is mapped to a system field. Instead, add these new prompt options in Database>Prompts.

To Modify Prompt Names

Instead of showing the exact prompt value, a value should display in a way that helps prospective students complete the form. For example, instead of “MBA” show “Master of Business Administration.”

To modify a prompt name, edit the value that appears before the caret (^):



Overriding system prompts on the form field disables the ability of the form field to automatically update the prompt options based on any modifications of system prompts in Database>Prompts.

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