Self-Service Rescheduling

Registrants can reschedule themselves for events, within the same template, by utilizing Registrant-side rescheduling.

  Can related events be rescheduled using this feature?

This feature is currently only available for registrations that do not include related events. If a registrant uses this feature on a master event with related events selected, those related events will no carry through to the rescheduled registration.

When a registration includes related events, it is recommended to have the registrant cancel their registration (which will cancel the related events as well) and re-register for another date.

Allow Rescheduling

The Date Range Start and Date Range End settings are relative to the event date being rescheduled. For instance, if a registrant is rescheduling an event on January 31st, 2019 with the following settings:

  • Date Range Start: 30
  • Date Range End: 60

The registrant will see eligible events that range from March 2nd, 2019 to April 1st, 2019.

Upon registering, registrants will now be given the option to reschedule based on the configurations specified above.

To allow rescheduling:

  1. Click Events in the top navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the event template in which rescheduling is to be allowed.
  3. Click Edit in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Navigate to the Rescheduling tab and check off 'Allow Rescheduling.'
  5. Specify the following configurations:
    • Reschedule Folders - Select the event folders that registrants will be able to reschedule for.
    • Include Current Folder - Check this box if rescheduling should be allowed for the current folder.
    • Date Range Start - Include a date range start, if desired. If left blank, it will default to a week prior to the event originally registered for.
    • Date Range End - Include a data range end. For example, 90 days.
    • Unavailable Message - Include a message to be displayed if there are no upcoming events in the dates range.







Registrants will only be able to reschedule for events within the same template. When selecting folders, select folders that represent events within the same template.

Rescheduling should only be used when the form responses associated with the event relate to or create records in Slate. If the form only uses export keys (rather than system fields), do not use this feature.

Rescheduling an event/interview will only transfer data points from the form that are mapped to system fields – think of the rescheduled form as a new form that is pre-filled by system field information only. If the registration form includes a number of unmapped form fields that are important to your process, then our best practice recommendation for rescheduling can be found here

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