Displaying Related Events in Registration Communications

To display all related events in chronological order in an event communication, select the Form-Related-Events merge field. This merge field adds a "Liquid loop" that loops through all selected related events and displays them in chronological order: 

We look forward to seeing you at the Admitted Students Day on
{{Form-Date | date: 'MMMM d'}}!{% for event in Form-Related-Events %}
{{event.datetime | date:"dddd,MMMM d\a\t h:mm tt"}}{{event.summary}}
{% endfor %}

The event date, time, and summary can be edited to change the display for each event in the communication. For example, the format mask for the date can be changed, the text can be bolded or italicized, or the summary can be placed before the date.

In addition, using snippets in conjunction with the loop can show a block of text, such as a description of the event, or an image:

Your Activities

Here are the activities you are registered for:
{% for event in Form-Related-Events %}{{event.summary}} at {{event.datetime | date:"h:mm tt"}}
{{event.summary | snippet: 'admitted_students_day_activities'}}
{% endfor %}


For more information on formatting standard date and time values for use in exports and merges, refer to the Date Time Formatting in Merge Fields and Exports article.


For the Form-Related-Events merge field to be accessible within your communications, you must give the Related Events Selector an Export Key.
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