Event Surveys

Event surveys allow for the collection of event-specific feedback from attendees, offering two primary benefits: 

  • Events and event templates can use different event surveys, allowing for specific, relevant questions.
  • Event surveys relate to a specific event attendance. For instance, if someone attends multiple campus visits, and the campus visit is associated with an event survey, the attendee can submit a survey for each visit.

Event surveys can only be completed after the event starts.

Creating an Event Survey

To create an event survey:

  1. Click Forms in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. Click Edit Form.
  4. Click Edit Properties and change the Scope to Event Survey.
  5. Remove the default fields, when applicable, and add desired fields.
    • Fields on an Event Survey cannot be mapped to custom fields; they can only be mapped to system fields. For fields not associated with a system field, specify a unique Export Key (e.g., tourguide_satisfaction) as this will allow filtering on and exporting these values.


Registrants can specify if they want to submit anonymous feedback. To enable this, map a select-type form field to System > Anonymous.

Associating a Survey with an Event/Template

To associate an event survey with an event template:

  1. Click Events in the top navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the event/template that is to be associated with the event survey.
  3. Click Edit Form.
  4. Click Edit Properties.
  5. Select the event survey in the Survey dropdown setting.
  6. Specify a Survey Deadline (in hours). This setting controls how long, after the event begins, that an attendee is eligible to complete the survey. This text box has a limit of 4 characters.

  Why isn't the event survey appearing in the dropdown?

Check the event survey form to ensure that it has a Scope of Event Survey.

Sending a Survey to Attendees

To send attendees an event survey:

  1. Click Events in the top navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate event/template.
  3. Click Edit Communications.
  4. Click Edit on the mailing which will include the survey link. This mailing should use the trigger of Hours After Event.
  5. Add the Form-Survey-Link merge field to the mailing.


If the Form-Survey-Link merge field does not appear, ensure that the corresponding event/template has a selected value for the survey setting within Edit Form > Edit Properties.


If the event/template has a survey deadline, the time should exceed the "hours" setting of the mailing.

Testing the Survey Link

Form-Survey-Link merge field generates a unique link for each registration, and uses the following format:

{{your instance URL}}/register/form?sid={{registration's unique identifier}}

Since the registration's unique identifier is integral to the Form-Survey-Link merge field, you will need to submit a test registration for an event (which can be a test event) to test the merge field. The following methods will not let you test the merge field: Clicking the link in the sample message area, Send Test Message, and Submit Form Test.

Viewing Survey Responses

To generate a report on an event/template's survey responses, click the Survey Responses button when viewing the event/template.

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