💻 Slate Partners: A Guide to Application Sharing Settings


Audience: Undergraduate Slate Partner Colleges and Universities

Join us for an overview of the Slate.org application data sharing functionality, including views of the undergraduate admissions side in Slate and the high school counselor view in Slate.org. See how to share application statuses, checklists, decisions, and communicate more directly with high school counselors.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 01:40
Slate.org overview 02:40
Who is using Slate.org? 04:00
Counselor Online Registration Information 04:35
Application Sharing Settings Configuration: Demo 06:40
Rounds 08:10
Application Statuses 10:30
Checklists 11:10
Materials 11:40
Decisions 13:12
Sharing Settings Configuration: Review 14:55
Application Data - High School Counselor Perspective 15:30
Webinar Q&A 21:44
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