The Common Application Recommendations

The CommonApp Recommendations file contains data points from school forms and submitted recommendations.

  • Many institutions elect not to map this file. Remember that all of the data from the CommonApp Recommendations file is also imported as a PDF material. As such, your readers will be able to access this information in the Slate Reader even if you do not map this file.
  • All data points from the data feeds are associated with a student record, even if those data points are not mapped to a field.
  • Most institutions find that mapping only the Slate Common App ID (which has been pre-mapped) is sufficient for this source format.


Do not change the Scope of this Source Format. It is intended to process Person / Application Record Documents and utilizes background scripts to do so. Changing the scope can result in significant unexpected behavior for mapped records.
If you elect to map this file, do not map any Person-scoped unique identifier pairings such as first name, last name, email, or date of birth. The Slate Common App ID serves as the unique identifier for the appropriate application record.
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