💻 Anything Applications Parts I & II


You asked, and we answered! This two-part webinar is an open forum of user-submitted questions on anything applications. We cover everything from custom application pages to student status pages, rolling admissions to round management, and more.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Webinar Outline 00:15
Slate Application Best Practices 00:45
Special Applications: scholarship, non-degree, summer programs, etc  05:15
Webinar Questions - Part I 19:40
How to customize reference forms 10:48
Importing Applications from other sources: Common App, Coalition, etc 33:45
Adding custom fields to Slate standard application pages  36:37
Adding custom instructions based on a selected program 38:53
Adding/excluding schools in the "Add Institution" autosuggest lookup 40:55
Portfolio media upload limits 44:10
Collecting supplemental documents on a Slate application 44:38

Understanding Slate auto-generated checklist items:
transcripts, scores, references, and school reports

Alerting staff when a new application material is received 51:33
Customizing the application status page by round 52:26
Enabling a portal for the status page 54:20
Webinar Questions - Part II (min 55:40) 55:40
Best practices for performing cycle prep while an application cycle is still live 58:12
Rolling admissions best practices - opening/closing application periods and rounds 58:12
Using Deliver System emails for the new cycle 1:00:55
Preserving application information for future comparisons 1:03:35
What is the point of "rounds"? 1:09:32
Best practices for period and round structure, including multiple rounds 1:12:12
Tips for allowing a student to apply to more than one program simultaneously 1:16:45
Best practices for updating an application from one period or round to another 1:23:42
Hiding a round publicly, but allowing selected candidates to access the application 1:25:55
Best practices for direct round URLs and Application Creation forms 1:30:42
Managing applicants who start an application in the "wrong round" 1:32:03
Best practices for using forms to update an application that has already been submitted 1:36:35
Best practices for using Consolidate Records when an application exists 1:41:18
Best practices for application logic: submission requirements 1:42:08
Best practices for application logic: config keys and page keys 1:47:37
How to show different questions based on the application round 1:48:41
Managing different essay questions for different programs 1:50:30
Best practices for requiring extra materials, including video and image uploads 1:53:55
Application Fees: Charging different application fees based on program or other criteria 1:56:23
Application Fees: Charging an application fee prior to application submission 1:58:50
Best practices for handling gap year applicants 2:02:27
Best practices for handling gap year applicants 2:05:22
Customizing/changing recommender types 2:07:07
Using the GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation 2:10:10
How to manage different reference forms for one application 2:10:56
Best practices for creating a gender identity custom field 2:12:07
Best practices for asking additional race/ethnicity background questions 2:13:10
Capturing Birth City, Birth State, and Birth Country 2:14:46
Slate standard "out-of-the-box" fields vs custom fields 2:16:14
Removing Slate standard pages from your application 2:19:05
Form Widget best practices / form-based versions of Slate-standard pages 2:20:37
School autosuggest best practices on forms 2:22:31
Application submission "thank you page" via Status page 2:24:21
Using a single question on an application to populate more than one field 2:26:15
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