Adding and Configuring Filters

Query Filters allow users to narrow down the results of a query.

Add a filter
  1. Click or drag the Filter button to add a filter that will restrict the records included in the query:


      • Select the Local Filters check box to display all filters that have been added to the instance.
      • Select the Slate Template Library check box to display all available filters within the Slate Template Library, even if they have not been added to the instance.
      • Click the Filter to add to your query then click Continue.


    Use the Search function to quickly find a desired filter.

  2. After clicking Continue, configure the filter to restrict query results:


    • Click Save and New to add more filters to your query. Otherwise, simply click Save.


Make a filter Active, Active/Pinned, or Inactive. Inactive filters will not be included in the results. See Active/Pinned instructions later in this section.

Estimated Rows is the number of rows that will be returned when running a query with this filter. This number is calculated using all existing filters and the new filter configuration.

After clicking Save, a filter box will be added to the query. Further configuration of filters may be done by adding filter logic. Drag and drop the filter boxes into the proper order, add OR and NOT operators, and remember to use parentheses when necessary. For example: 


  • This filter configuration would restrict the query results to only records that have a US Citizenship that also have either a form registration or a verified test score.
Pinned Filters

Pinned filters appear as their own group when adding items. If the same filters are used frequently for a population, those items may be pinned to make it easier to quickly add them to a query:



Click the Pinned Filters group to display frequently-used filters. Click the Edit Pinned link on the right side of the "Pinned Filters" bar to add frequently-used filters to your Pinned group.

How to add a Pinned Filter

After clicking the Edit Pinned link, add items to the Pinned Filters query.

Filters with an Active/Pinned status allow users to quickly change the selections for a single query run without editing the query. The changes made to a filter by a user do not get saved. For example, add the following Active/Pinned filter to a query:


  • Set the status to Active/Pinned.
  • Active/Pinned filters can have a default setting or not. In this example, there is no default setting for the Staff Assigned filter.

 This setting will make the filter editable from the Run Query screen:


The Active/Pinned status can be useful when sharing queries with users who do not have the query permission but may change certain items quickly before running a query.

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