Application Received Deliver Emails for Imported Applications

When imported application data comes into Slate, it's likely that partner institutions will desire that an automatic email be sent to applicants notifying them that their application has been received.  Here are the steps required to configure this mailing:

Create the Application Received Deliver Message
  1. Click Deliver in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Mailing
  3. Enter the following Deliver configurations in the popup window:
    • Name - Give your new mailing a descriptive name so you can find this resource more easily in the future.
    • Folder - We recommend making a new folder for your Deliver campaigns (Do not save Imported App Received email campaign in the System folder). We recommend making a folder specific to the application type to store this communication i.e. Common App, Coalition, etc.
    • User - Select the user associated with the message
    • Method - Select Email.
    • Opt Out - Choose No Unsubscribe to ensure that all records will receive this transactional email.
Edit the Recipients List
  1. Click 'Edit Recipients Lists'.
  2. Click 'New Query'.
  3. Enter the following Query configurations in the popup window:
    • Name - Give recipients list a descriptive name.
    • Sharing - Check 'Share query with other users with the query and query base permissions'.
    • List Type - Select 'Include'
    • Type - Select 'Local'
    • Base - Select 'Applications'.
Add Exports & Filters

Filters Why use this filter?

Application Field Value Exists > EXISTS Application Details - Imported App ID

Filters for records with the appropriate unique Application ID. The field chosen here will differ from one institution to the next as you are filtering for the existence of your custom field(s) for imported app ID, which could have names like Common App ID, Royall App ID, etc. but will depend on the fields you've created.

Application Period Active = Active

Filters for records in the current application period only.

Application Submission Status = Submitted

Filters for records that have a submitted application

Edit Message

Click Edit Message to construct a message using the appropriate merge fields:


Send Mailing
  1. Click 'Send Mailing' to schedule the delivery.
  2. Enter the following Mailing configurations in the popup window:
    • Ongoing - Select 'Continue running mailing indefinitely'.
    • Start Date/Time - Select a start date and time for the mailing.
    • Stop Date/Time - Leave the end date and time blank.
    • Weekdays - Select the days and the time that you want the email to be sent.
    • Delivery Window - Select the days and the time that you want the email to be sent.
    • Deduping - Select 'Do not dedupe' to allow this email to go out to multiple applications that belong to the same person.
Password and PIN reset for Re-Applicants

For students re-applying that require a password or pin reset, it is recommend that you:

  1. Create a Deliver mailing that will send to this group of person or application records.
  2. Use a recipient query to export their email and PIN to communicate how to log into their portal initially. You can use a person-scoped query and filter down these records using Application Round information to check that they have an application in the current round and an application in a previous round. 
  3. Include instructions on how to reset their password - simply instructing them to click "Forgot Your Password?" from the /status page, etc. This will prompt them to enter their email address and birthdate and will automatically send them a new PIN they can use to choose their password.

Rather than resetting their passwords for them, which could trigger an unexpected email, this route allows them to do so at their own leisure if needed.

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