Application Building Checklist

Building a Slate-hosted application is a powerful way to manage, streamline, and hyper-personalize the application process. To ensure that your application is set up and configured correctly before going live, it is important to use a checklist.

Pre-Application Build

🔲 Create Period(s) and Round(s)* 
🔲 Create application-scoped fields and person-scoped fields where necessary
🔲 Create Prompts for prompt-based fields
🔲 Create Materials collected as part of the application
🔲 Imported Applications - Add & remap application Source Formats from Source Format Library**
🔲 Add Test Types to collect test score information
🔲  Configure payment integration***

 * Period must be active in order to use the Application Editor. Rounds should be inactive until ready to go live. 

** If a Source Format is not available in the Source Format Library, create a custom New Source Format.

*** For information on payments in Slate, please visit Payments.

If using Slate Payments, please read the following articles: Setting up Slate Payments and Slate Payments FAQ. If using a third party vendor, please read Using an External Processor to Collect Payments through Slate. Please note that if payments will be accepted via a third party vendor, a request must be submitted to the Payments Integration team 30-60 days in advance of application go-live date.

Application Build

🔲 Add Slate-hosted Application from the Slate Template Library if building an application in Slate
🔲 Create Application Page-scoped forms
🔲 Add conditional logic to forms, where necessary (optional)
🔲 Create Page Keys in Application Logic to show/hide entire pages (optional)
🔲 Use Application Editor to customize Slate delivered pages (optional)
🔲 Use Application Editor to manage additional pages - e.g., Digital Portfolio (optional)
🔲 Use Application Editor to add custom form pages*
🔲 Use Application Editor to add Page Keys (optional)
🔲 Create submission requirements (hard/soft fails) using Application Logic
🔲 Create system email notifications for Slate Applications**
🔲 Create custom recommendation/school report forms (optional)
🔲 Test the application(s)

 These pages can all be built in a more sustainable manner using Forms:

  • Custom App Page (Special Use Only)
  • Essays (Retired)
  • Instructional Page
  • Upload Material

** If importing applications, system emails will not apply. Create notification emails using Deliver.

Post-Application Build

🔲 Create checklist items and assign fulfillment requirements
🔲 Organize all checklist items into checklist groups
🔲 Create checklist rules to assign items in checklist groups
🔲 Add and activate application status rules from the Slate Template Library; adjust as needed
🔲 Use Application Editor to modify the Slate delivered status page* or create custom status portal using the Portal Editor (Optional)
🔲  Build payment rules where appropriate

 * The status page settings pertain to a Slate-delivered status page only. If using a custom status portal, edits can be made directly to the status portal using the Portal Editor.

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