Uploading Materials

Materials may be uploaded to the person's record in the following ways:

Administratively Uploading Materials

Once a Material type has been created in Slate, it's possible to upload documents from the Materials tab on a person's record:

  1. Go to a Person Record
  2. Select the Materials tab.
  3. Select New Material. A pop-up appears.
  4. Configure the following settings:
    • Record: Associating a material with the Folio means that the item will fulfill checklist items for any application associated with the record. Additionally, the material will appear in the Reader for any application associated with that record. If the material is associated with an application, then the item will only fulfill checklist items for that application and it will only appear in the Reader when reading that particular application.
    • Material: Select the proper Material type.
    • Memo: Add a memo (optional).
    • Source: Select one of the following options:
      • PDF / Document: Uploaded document will be converted into a PDF
      • Scanner: Select a scanner preset from the list. Opens Slate Desktop.
      • File (no conversion): Uploaded document will remain as-is and will not be converted into a PDF.
    • Upload Document: If uploading a file, click Choose File and select the file that should be uploaded to the person record.

The material will be added as a data row to the Materials tab on the student record.

If a material was uploaded to the wrong person record, go to the Materials tab, select the data row for that material, and select Edit. The material can then be reassigned to a different record.


How an Applicant Uploads Materials

Persons with a submitted application in Slate upload materials through their Applicant Status page:

Upload Materials: The Upload Materials list displays Material types that have the Access setting configured to Available for upload through the student self-service website. An uploaded item will be added to the Materials tab on the person record.

Uploaded materials that have been set to Available for upload through a student self-service website or associated with a checklist item will display above the upload button in a bulleted list. See example:



  Applicants not seeing "Transcript" as an upload option?

Enable transcript upload on an application with the following steps:

  1. Click Database. 
  2. Select Application Editor.
  3. Select the application configuration you'd like to modify from the list.
  4. Select Academic History (aca) from the list.
  5. From the list Configuration Group, select General Settings. A popup appears.
  6. Scroll down to Upload Transcript. Select Enabled.


  7. Click Save.

Applicants will now see their school-specific materials available for upload on their applicant status page. However, students will also be able to upload these transcripts within the "Academic History" pop-up window (where they add each school to their application) as well. Enabling this setting is all-or-nothing: it's either available for upload in both places, or neither.