Snippets within Decision Letters

Snippets are applied to a decision letter in a similar manner as they are applied to a mailing. Rather than a recipient list query, the data points that Snippet values should reference may be present in the default merge fields within the decision letter template or in a MergePublic query.

Snippets become extremely powerful in decision letters when multiple templates can be consolidated into one decision letter template. This will aid in year-over-year maintenance of decisions letters, as updating content can then take place in the Snippets themselves, rather than in multiple letters.


Before adding a snippet to a mailing, first create the snippet content.

In the decision letter that should display the snippets, first ensure that any necessary merge fields are accessible. To insert a snippet as a merge field within a Decision Letter:

  1. Within the Edit Template view of a decision letter template, go to where the snippet content should be merged.
  2. Enter the following text:

    where NAME OF EXPORT is the name of the export in the MergePublic query or default merge fields, and KEY OF SNIPPET is the key of the snippet that contains the codes to merge into the message.

  3. Select Save.

For example, it may be desired to dynamically merge in different staff signatures based on the program to which the student applied. The merge field for this snippet may resemble the following in the letter template:

{{program | snippet: "faculty_signatures"}}

When previewing this letter, the snippet merge field dynamically displays the snippet corresponding with that record's data currently present in the "program" export. For instance, if a sample record has a program of Aviation, the snippet with the value of "Aviation" displays:

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