SAT Essays

The College Board SAT essay PDFs can be imported into Slate via the "SAT Essays PDF" Source Format. Schools will download the PDF zip file containing the essays, and extract the PDF file. The PDF file (and not the zip file) can then be imported into Slate. Each PDF contains a record locator which will match the essay locator that was contained in the SAT data file and imported to the student record.

SAT Essay Import

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Source Format Library.
  2. In the search box, enter "SAT Essays PDF" and select Add.
  3. Enter the following configurations in the dialog box:
    • Remap As of Date: Enter the current date.
    • Remap Active: Select Active.
      (Since no mapping is necessary for this source format, selecting Active is recommended.  For source formats that require manual mapping, select Inactive until all mapping is complete.)
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Materials.
  6. In the Materials tool, select Insert and enter the following configurations:
    • Key: Enter "sys:sat_essay" (this must match exactly, with no quotation marks).
    • Name: Enter a descriptive name, such as "SAT Essay."
    • Other configurations are optional
  7. Select Save.
  8. In Upload Dataset, select Upload Dataset, select SAT Essays PDF as the File Format, place in a folder (if desired) and upload the PDF file (not the zip file).
  9. Select Upload. No additional action is necessary. The essays will then be uploaded matching on the record based on the locator ID that is on each PDF.

  What about documents that cannot be matched with an existing record?

Any documents that were unable to be associated with a record will appear in Database > Batch Acquire where these documents can be manually assigned.

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