Using a Merge Field in a Link

In many system emails and in other email communications sent through Deliver, you may want to link to a destination which is determined by a merge field. For such occasions, there are two critical steps to follow to maximize deliverability and usability.

First, let's assume that you have the merge field {{link}}, which contains a personalized login URL and might be used in system emails for account registration, password resets, or recommendation requests. Instead of simply placing the merge field as text in the message, which would result in a non-clickable link, you will want to hyperlink normal text (such as a reference to "Log In") and link to the merge field.

To include a link as a merge field:

  1. Highlight the text that you want to hyperlink and click the link button in the toolbar.
  2. Select <other> as the protocol and enter the merge field---e.g., {{link}}---as the URL.  It is imperative that you select <other> as the protocol if the merge field already contains the URL protocol, such as http://.  If the protocol is left as http://, it will duplicate the protocol segment and will result in an unclickable URL.

It is generally not advisable to hyperlink the merge field itself, such as inserting a merge field to {{link}} and then hyperlinking it to {{link}}. These URLs are often long and are rewritten to provide click-tracking for the mailing. Some email clients may also insert security warnings if the text appears to contain a URL (e.g., that is different than the destination (e.g.,, which is used for click-tracking). Hyperlinking friendly text therefore provides the optimal user experience.

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