Importing Data from the Coalition for College

Summer 2022 Important Note: Starting with the 2022-2023 Application Cycle, the Coalition Application uses the new Scoir integration; the information below should be used for historical reference purposes only. Read more about configuring the current integration here. 


The Coalition for College generates data files on a daily basis through an automated process. Once downloaded, these files are automatically loaded into Upload Dataset in Slate.

The data and file importing processes are very similar to the way data is imported from The Common Application, so you will find it beneficial to review the concepts outlined in the documentation covering The Common Application, including how to configure remap settings in Format Definitions, how to import data that creates an application, how to append values to be pre-mapped, and how to test mappings before loading data into the production instance.

All the Source Formats and standard unique fields for The Coalition for College are automatically added to your instance as they become available. The Source Formats all have standard items pre-mapped. As with other standard Source Formats, you are encouraged to customize the mappings to meet your needs; however, the Account ID and COAL_XACT_ID source fields should not be changed: 

Field Description
ACCOUNT_ID Unique to each person, and mapped to a person-scoped unique field in Slate.
COAL_XACT_ID Unique to each application, and mapped to application-scoped unique field in Slate. This field is only included in data files that contain application data.

Changing these mappings will prevent Coalition data and materials from importing correctly.

Source Formats

There are eight Source Formats for the Coalition for College:

Source Format Description

The suspects file contains data about students who have added your institution to their Colleges section in the Coalition Application and have indicated that they would like to share their contact information with your institution. In addition to biographical data, this file includes contact information, demographic, school, and academic interest information, which will allow you to communicate with these potential applicants prior to the submission of the application.

The Coalition for College allows students to opt in or out of sharing data with your institution at any point prior to application submission. As such, the suspect file could include the same record again, this time with the Inquiry Opt In? source field set to N. If you will be communicating with students prior to the application, you may want to consider mapping this source field in some way to control your recipient lists.

CoalitionApp  The file contains data about the applicant and application-specific details. You will use this file to create the application in Slate. As the process is so similar, be sure to review Round Mapping in Importing Data from The Common Application. You may also wish to create a Deliver message that is sent to applicants once the application is received. Steps to do so are included in Application Received Deliver Emails for Imported Applications.

This Source Format will not bring in text data files. It is used simply to provide translations between the document types associated with PDF documents and your custom materials in Slate. Be sure to review CoalitionAppMaterials Source Format in The Common Application - Materials, as the only difference here will be the keys you see on the Value Mappings page.

Note: All materials in the CoalitionAppMaterials source format should be mapped to Person/Application-scoped materials in Slate.

CoalitionAppProspects  This file contains data for students who have started the Coalition Application for your school.
CoalitionAppCollegeQuestions  This file contains responses to college-specific questions.
CoalitionAppAcademicRecommendations This file contains academic recommendation data.
CoalitionAppCounselorRecommendations This file contains counselor recommendation data.
CoalitionAppOtherRecommendations This file contains recommendation data for other relationships.
Testing the Remap Settings

As with importing data from The Coalition Application, when satisfied with the mappings, launch (or refresh) the test instance and activate the CoalitionAppSuspects, CoalitionAppProspects, and/or CoalitionApp Source Formats in that environment (by updating the Remap Active setting to Active in the Source Formats tool). If you need to update anything, make those changes in production, and then refresh your test environment and try again. If everything imported as expected, activate the Source Format in production. 

Note: Materials are imported by a script and will only be imported between 2:30 AM and 10:30 AM. Additionally, materials are not imported into the Test Environment.

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