Deadline Management

When building out the Slate-hosted application, several techniques are available to manage application deadlines, including round settings, prompt settings, or filters within custom application pages and/or submission requirements. 

Round Deadlines

For the Slate-hosted application only, a deadline can be configured on an application round. If a deadline is set, applications in the round cannot be opened, edited, or submitted by the applicant after this date and time. The deadline also applies to the application fee, although a grace period can be set allowing application fee payments for a defined number of days beyond the deadline for application submission.

Setting a deadline on the round works well if there is a broad-based deadline for a large group of students, such as first-year or transfer applicants, or if rounds are program or term specific, such as "2019 Fall First-Year" or "MBA."

To set a deadline on a round:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Application Rounds.
  3. Select the round to be edited.
  4. Deadline (ET) - Enter the date and time of the application deadline.
Rounds Popup

Conditional Logic in Application Pages

The display of available program of study and entry term options can be managed using conditional logic on a custom application page within the Slate-hosted application. By configuring prompt conditions, deadlines for specific programs can be set and the available entry terms can update conditionally based on an applicant's selection for program of study (major).

Prompts using this conditional logic will appear available for selection as long as the current date is before the date specified.

To configure a deadline via prompt conditions within an Application Page scoped form:

  1. Select edit on the field(s) to be configured with prompt conditions.
  2. In the dialog, select Edit Prompt Conditions and click OK.
  3. Select the prompt(s) on which filters will be added.
  4. Select Filter.
  5. Search for and select the Current Date filter.
    • Set the operator to <.
    • Enter the deadline for the selected prompt, such as 01/02/2022.
Prompt Conditions Current Date Filter


To display a prompt within a set date range, add the Current Date filter a second time and set the operator to > the first available date. Setting the filter to 'Current Date > 07/31/2018' displays the prompt from August 1 to January 1.

Submission Requirements

To enforce deadlines at the point of application submission, use similar logic as outlined above, but instead create hard fail submission requirements in the Application Logic tool for each prompt value. For more information, refer to the Submission Requirements.

Prompt Effective & Expiration Date/Time Settings

Prompts can also be configured with Effective Date/Time and Expiration Date/Time values to specify when a prompt should appear in ANY form or application page where it is being used. Note that Effective Date/Time and Expiration Date/Time are set in Eastern Time.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar
  2. Select Prompts.
  3. Select the prompt on which an effective date and/or expiration date will be set.
  4. Configure the following:
    • Effective Date/Time - Set the date on which the prompt should become available.
    • Expiration Date/Time - Set the date on which the prompt should become unavailable.
Prompt Conditions Current Date Filter
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