Deliver Outbox

Outbox holds mailings to be approved prior to sending. Outbox allows a user to review the content of individual messages that have been queued for sending, which can then be approved and sent or aborted. The Deliver Outbox Permission will give users the ability to send mailings to Outbox for approval. This is a permission that can be granted separately from the "Deliver Send" permission.

Sending a Mailing to Outbox

When a user has created a message in Deliver that needs to be approved via Outbox, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Send Mailing in the upper right-side menu.
  2. Check the Outbox setting to "send to outbox and do not deliver automatically".
  3. Fill in all other settings as appropriate.
  4. Click Send Mailing.
  5. Type SEND in the confirmation pop-up (note that this will NOT actually send the mailing).


Whenever a physical mailing (postcard, letter, etc.) is being sent from Slate, it will automatically be routed to Outbox for approval.

Approving a Mailing in Outbox

Users with the “Deliver Outbox” Permission will have access to review the messages in Outbox, and approve or abort them. 

Accessing Outbox

Outbox can be accessed in Deliver  by clicking Outbox in the right-hand side menu. Any mailings needing approval will be listed in rows, and each mailing will display:

  • The message method (Email, Postcard, etc.)
  • Count of messages to be approved or aborted
  • Number of credits used by the messages
  • Date stamps of the oldest/newest individual messages within the mailing

Clicking on a message will allow a user to review the message content and choose to approve and deliver the message, or abort the delivery. Use the Search bar to search for individual messages with a mailing awaiting approval.

Approve and Deliver

Upon choosing Approve and Deliver, the message(s) will be queued for immediate delivery.

Abort Delivery

Upon choosing Abort Deliver, the delivery of the message(s) will be aborted. Once the mailing is aborted from Outbox, the mailing will be set to a status of "Completed", and the mailing can be adjusted as needed.


If delivery is aborted, any recipient list query runs will still be present in the mailing's query run history. Once the mailing is adjusted, the run(s) should be deleted if the mailing should be sent to any of these records.