Check Logic and Preview Message

Within a Deliver message, Check Logic and Message Preview provide a way to test logic for specific records, preview sample messages, and confirm that a record meets the logic of the recipient list query. 

To check the logic within a Deliver message:

  1. Click Deliver in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the mailing to be tested.
  3. Click on Display Sample Message to access the following Display Sample Message settings: 
    • Recipient List - If more than one recipient list is associated with a mailing, select using the recipient list dropdown.  
    • Record - Enter the name of a record using the Record Lookup.
    • Filters - This will display the filters for the recipient list that was selected. Green check-marks indicate that the record meets the criteria of the filter. A red X will appear if the record does NOT meet the criteria of the filter in the recipient list query. 
    • Past Runs - This indicates whether this record has already been pulled in the live recipient list query for this mailing. If it has, it will not be eligible to receive this mailing again.

To view a preview of the message, click on the Display Sample Message button and enter a name in the Record field to view what the message looks like for that record. This is particularly helpful for testing different permutations of Liquid markup. 

As an example, the mailing may include Liquid markup to conditionally display text based upon a student’s academic interest. If Jane has a value of History for an academic interest, the message may differ from Timothy who has a value of Biology for an academic interest. Testing this prior to scheduling the mailing is made easier through the use of the Display Sample Message feature. 

  Best Practices

Test conditional logic prior to scheduling a mailing to ensure that the conditional logic is functioning as intended.

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