School Widget

The school widget can be used in place of the standard Slate application School History page.


School-scoped materials such as transcripts cannot be collected outside of the standard School History page within the application.


CEEB must exist on the form for Slate to associate the school on the student record.
Create a Widget-Scoped Form
  1. Select Forms on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select New Form.
  3. Give the form a title, set the status to "Confirmed/Active," and select Save.
  4. Select Edit Form in the right-side menu.
  5. Select Edit Properties and set the scope to Page Construction Widgets > School Widget.
  6. Configure the widget with the form fields applicants should complete in the application.
  7. Select Edit Properties a second time. Under "Custom List Fields" add in Exports for any fields that should be columns in the widget table (these are typically items such as School Name, Degree, To and From Dates). 

Select the Light Bulb  for a complete listing of all setting descriptions.


Be sure to map all fields in the widget to system fields of the same scope. Any custom fields created to be used in the widget should match the scope of the widget.
Create an Application Page Scoped Form
  1. Select Forms on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select New Form.
  3. Enter the following Form configurations:
    • Page Title: The page title will display to an applicant as the name of the page.
    • Folder: Keep organized by saving application form widget(s) within a clear folder structure.
    • Status: Set the status to Confirmed/Active.
  4. Select Save.
  5. In the form builder options, select Edit Properties and set the scope to Application Page.
  6. Drag a Widget Table from the form builder palette into the form.
  7. Edit the widget table and select the widget form created previously from the Widget Form dropdown menu.
  8. Add any additional fields or instructions to the form.
Add the Application Page Scoped Form to a Slate Application
  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Application Editor.
  2. Choose the appropriate /apply/ link for the application base the page should be added to.

    NOTE: If only one application base exists, the only link that will appear will be /apply/.

  3. On the next page, select Edit Menu in the upper-right.
  4. In the dialog box, select Add Link.
  5. Enter the following configurations:
    • Type: Select Custom Form Page.
    • Subtype: Select the Application Page-scoped form that was just created.
    • Label: Enter the name that will display as the page link in the application navigation.
  6. Select Save.

Once saved, this new form will be listed at the bottom of the application menu. Click and drag this page to where it should be placed within the application. The application form widget should now be live in the application. Be sure to test that data entered into the widget saves back to the appropriate table on the Profile tab of the Person record.

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