Impersonate an Applicant

Slate administrators can impersonate an applicant and see the application from their point of view.  Administrators can also:

  • See Periods/Rounds that are inactive
  • Bypass hard fails and submit the application

When administratively impersonating an applicant, an administrator can make changes and see data, such as unreleased decisions, that the applicant would not be able to do or see directly. You should only impersonate a single user and application at a time, so do not open multiple tabs or windows within the same browser when impersonating.

When to Impersonate an Applicant

To impersonate an applicant, select the Impersonate > Applications  link from an application tab on a person record. It is helpful to impersonate an applicant when:

  • Testing that application pages and conditional logic show or work as expected
  • Testing submission requirements to ensure they are behaving as expected from the applicant point of view
  • Replicating an applicant's experience

    For example, if an applicant reports a submission requirement they believe is erroneous, impersonating them allows an administrator to troubleshoot the behavior and make any necessary updates.
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