SFTP Technical Details for Network Administrators

Allow Lists

For connections initiated by institutions into Technolutions:

If outbound traffic from the institution is being restricted, allow the following IP addresses:


For connections that are initiated by Technolutions:

If files are being transferred from Slate to institution servers, the connections are initiated from the following IP addresses:


Public Key Fingerprint

Should the SFTP client need to trust a specific server, Slate's SFTP server public key fingerprint is:

ssh-rsa 2048 35:7a:60:48:cf:4f:bc:d1:f1:4e:92:dc:ea:02:18:3b

Command Line SFTP

If the institution is connecting with a command-line SFTP program that takes the connection settings in the form username@server, using a value such as sftp@slate-demo.technolutions.net@ft.technolutions.net may not work correctly. In such cases, replace the first "@" symbol with an equals ("=") symbol, making the resulting setting sftp=slate-demo.technolutions.net@ft.technolutions.net 


  • There is no size limit for SFTP folder content.
  • In the outgoing folder, files are removed after 30 days.
  • In the incoming folder, files are removed after 120 days.
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